Cutting-Edge Trends and Labor Market Indicators in Argentina

Cutting-Edge Trends and Labor Market Indicators in Argentina

The UP organized a seminar open to the community on current and trends in the labor market coordinated by Graciela Garone, professor of the MBA and executive programs, which had as guests Marcela Angeli and Luis Campos.

The seminar analyzed the dynamics of the Argentine labor market from three perspectives: the evolution and salary projection of the personnel governed by collective bargaining, the one not included in the agreements and the impact on talent management.

Luis Campos, of the Observatory of Social Law, presented the reality of the different items that participate in the joint and salary evolution during the last years. The dynamics of the negotiations have gone hand in hand with the economic and social context affected mainly by inflation and recession that impacts purchasing power, the low creation of new jobs, as well as the insecurity of maintaining current positions .

The deterioration of the agreement wages in the last 12 months ranges from 10.1 to 17.3% depending on the activity.

Marcela Angeli, of Willis Towers Watson, presented the results of the latest survey of more than 400 companies from different areas to survey the market trends in the compensation of non-convention personnel. After a quick review of the main events that affected the labor market during the year, the rates of salary adjustments applied were presented and the estimate made for next year results from matching the inflation that has been projected by 25%. The most common policies were shared in relation to the segmentation of adjustments, benefits, bonuses and incentives.

Although on average a 30-32% increase was granted, the estimate is that by December 2018, wages will have lost 11.7% of their value in relation to inflation

In the field of Talent Development, Graciela Garone, from the consultancy Garone + Asociados, analyzed the priorities of Human Resources and the adaptation of the practices to accompany the business in a complex context.

Cost optimization appears this year as one of the topics on the HR agenda. The changes drive professionals in the area to question assumptions and surprise initiatives aligned with the new priorities.

Being really close to the business, understanding the context of the field, the labor market, the social environment is the first step to analyze what is the contribution of value from the area. An opportunity is opened to simplify and streamline processes, promote internal training, network and share good practices.

For insecurity does not tinge the work climate is required to handle internal communication professionally. Listen, detect critical roles and people to invest with intelligence in their development. Open spaces for the generation of ideas and facilitate the training of leaders in team management were some of the premises presented.

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